Embedded Systems

Codegear Embedded Systems offering is diverse and comprehensive. With an offering ranging from core optimized building blocks to complete software and hardware systems, Codegear caters to the requirements of multiple customer profiles with varying levels of expertise.



OS Porting and Device Driver Development

  • Windows Embedded OS porting
  • Development of a multimedia system middleware
  • Development of a communication system (BT, WLAN, 3 G) driver
  • Development of a sensor system (NFC, fingerprint authentication, iBeacon) driver
  • Development of a filter file encryption, virtual LAN driver

Software Product Sales and Support

  • Dynamic failure analysis tool ‘QQFORCE’
  • Wireless LAN driver ROHM BP3591, BP3595, BP3599
  • SDIO high speed driver ‘Turbo-SDIO’
  • Set embedded devices USB driver ‘USB-HOST, USB-LAN’
  • High-precision tasks extension for Windows CE “RCX-WINCE”

Technology Consulting

  • WLAN consulting (technology leaders, failure analysis etc… ).
  • Windows Embedded development consulting
  • Windows tablet consulting
  • Android tablet consulting

Engineering Services


Platforms Strength

  • Intel: Atom system, Pentium system, Corei system
  • Renesas: SH3, SH4, R-Mobile A1, R-Car M1A
  • Marvell: PXA2xx, PXA3xx, TCC89XX
  • Freescale: i.MX2xx, i.MX5xx, i.MX6x
  • Texas Instruments: TMS320DM6446, AM335x

OS Strength



  • Windows Vista 7, 8
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7, 2013
  • Windows Embedded Standerd 2009, 7
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 7
  • Windows Embedded 8.1
  • Windows Embedded Automotive 7
  • Linux (Ubuntu, etc ..)
  • Android 4.x
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard

Windows CE, Automotive Software Development



  • Commercial HT for power management (power saving) driver
  • NFC card reader (EMV, Felica) driver
  • Multi-touch enabled touch panel driver
  • DirectShow filter driver (AAC, H264 decoding)
  • (N2502, A2502, L-02A for, such as L-05A) 3G modem driver
  • Bluetooth SPP connected printer
  • USB client driver (LAN, camera, Midi, tablet)
  • Automotive Bluetooth stack for transplant
  • Automotive for virtual COM driver
  • Portable navigation platform BSP
  • Commercial Handy Terminal platform BSP
  • Network Projector platform BSP
  • Electronic dictionary platform BSP
  • Amusement order terminal platform BSP

BIG Windows, Windows Embedded Software Development

  • NFC card reader (EMV, Felica) driver
  • DirectShow filter driver (MPEG2 TS demultiplexer)
  • File encryption file system driver
  • Virtual network driver
  • Radar image real-time transmission (ETHERNET) driver
  • (USB insertion and removal detection, USB memory diagnostic, COM port monitoring) PC I / F driver monitoring
  • Fingerprint recognition USB driver
  • Windows Embedded POSReady7 for OPOS driver
  • Windows 7 for SNMP extension agent development
  • Windows Embedded 8.1 for magnetic card reader driver
  • Storage driver (special interface, virtual disk)

Linux, Android, iOS Software Development

  • Linux driver for 3G voice (Sierra Wireless module)
  • iPad for business-friendly applications (order system)
  • Android devices for Ethernet communication assessment tool
  • Linux Ubuntu network evaluation tool
  • Linux Ubuntu network driver (mobile router function)
  • Ubuntu Linux for multi-touch enabled touch panel driver