-Dynamic faults analysis tool for Windows CE-

The enriched “QQFORCE” tool was designed and developed by CODEGEAR with a desire of the day to day focus and priority of product based customers “I want o streamline the fault tolerance!!”. Really nasty product failure occurs after shipment or shipment just before, from the second half of the test. In the situation just such a “QQFORCE” is a tool! It will record a memory leak, deadlock, exception generation factor, and the other error analysis information in embedded devices equipped with Windows CE OS. Source code modification is required. It can also be used to incorporate later into an existing system. Behavior of this application as a black BOX is also obvious. Please contact us by e-mail for more information.


ROHM WLAN Module Driver for Windows CE

bp3590The Wireless LAN module device driver is designed for the ROHM BP3591/BP3595/BP3599 wireless LAN module whitch is IEEE802.11b /g/ n-compliant and antenna built-in. Our device driver support Windows Embedded Standard/Windows Embedded Compact 2013/7/Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system, and support SDIO host interface.  We can customize this driver to support USB /UART or port to other operating system, depending on your needs.

Currently, evaluation version is open to the public. Please contact us by e-mail or contact form for more information.


ROHM BP3591 IEEE802.11b /g/ n-compliant Wireless LAN Modules officeal site

ROHM BP3595 Compact Wireless LAN Module with Integrated Antenna officeal site

ROHM BP3599 Wireless LAN Module with Flash Memory officeal site


USB-LAN for Windows CE

usb-lanYou can use the USB-LAN adapter products commercially available in embedded devices equipped with Windows CE OS. Many of the USB-LAN products on the market (April 2011) currently we have tested. Offer morphological system to the user like becomes a license sales, we have a basic low-price system. Please contact us by e-mail for more information.



ISP176x USB Driver for Windows CE

Without compromising the performance of the controller device, the USB Host driver framework that was originally developed for the device driver is optimized for Windows CE. It has high-speed transfer performance and reduces man-hours. Please contact us by e-mail for more information.



RCX for Windows CE

rcx“RCX” is a real-time processing enhancement tool built for Windows OS (Windows CE) for special OS Extended (investment performance of ± 5% error) μ seconds accuracy without the addition of H / W Timer callback processing is possible. Also, when you use the RCX API set, a plurality of high-resolution fixed-cycle timer process using the system timer interrupts, you can can start at any time, to stop, to request dynamic data sharing of user mode thread ISR and further. It is the suggestion of realistic solutions to realize the real-time device control and Windows CE GUI in one CPU. Please contact us by e-mail for more information.


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