CODEGEAR has built strong partner relationships with major companies in Japan and abroad, each bringing in their special expertise and contribution. We utilize these partnerships and business alliances to keep our processes, knowledge, product development and engineering services at the highest level across all paradigms. We work with leading companies and trusts, such as Yokogawa digital computer corporation, Microsoft.

Business Alliance

logo_yokogawaYokogawa Digital Computer Corporation, have developed and expanded business mainly focusing on the embedded technology. In addition, the business related to measuring equipment for digital TV broadcasting, which Yokogawa Electric Corporation transferred to us in 2010, helps us contribute to provide better digital TV broadcasting environments.

WEP_Logo_color_RGBMicrosoft’s partner program for intelligent systems and Windows Embedded represents an ecosystem of technology and solution partners that includes ISVs, system integrators, custom application developers, OEMs, distributors, solution providers, silicon vendors and more, all to support enterprises in the deployment of device and intelligent systems solutions and services.Windows Embedded’s partner program is now part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), which allows us to provide partners with additional benefits and receive increased programmatic support